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 At Adirekha Ayurveda hospital, we are not providing retreat experience of any sorts; instead, we provide treatment for health conditions – from common cold to cancer, locomotary diseases, etc. The treatment plan and diet will be decided on your individualised consultation based on your body needs and types.If your aim is to get rid of your medical condition – whatever you are suffering from, we’ll provide you the solution for it, if it is treatable with Ayurveda. While doing this, you can also enjoy the organic food, fruits, vegetables, local scenery, fresh air and warmth of the people here.

Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala and is known for its beaches, rich culture and heritage, IT industry and more. The city is also home to the richest temple in the world – Padmanabhaswamy Temple. Our hospital is located in Trivandrum – within the perimeters, but away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is just 9 kilometres away from our hospital. You just have to book your up and down air tickets and we’ll take care of the rest of the experience.


Rooms with a capacity to accommodate 4 adults and 2 children

Flatscreen TV

24/7 front desk

Safety deposit box

Room service

First aid kit

Free Wi-Fi

Open terrace

Basic kitchen amenities

Face mask

Free laundry


Free private parking

We take extra measures to ensure safety in our properties and our staff follow safety protocols mentioned by the authorities. We also provide the highest safety standards for food preparation, including tableware, cutlery and plates.

For patients with disabilities

We also have facilities for patients with disabilities.



Lift service

Airport to adirekha ayurveda hospital transport

Your Travel

You will be provided premium transfers from the airport to our hospital and vice versa.

Your Stay

You will be comfortably accommodated in a spacious and traditional 3BHK apartment for yourself and your family with a functional kitchen and basic amenities.

Your consultation

On the first day of your stay in the hospital, you will have a one-hour-long consultation with the doctor in the morning, where you can share details of your health condition and medical reports. The doctor will make a diagnosis during the consultation at the end of which the decisions regarding your treatment will be made.

Children below 14 years of age cannot take Panchakarma treatments; however, they will be able to take supporting treatments panchakarma  based on consultation with the doctor.

DoctorConsultation for best ayurvedic chikitsa
Indian Mutter paneer dish

Your meal

We believe food is medicine. Food is our no.1 priority and we’re very particular about it. The 100% veg meals we provide will be a one-of-a-kind experience for you – packed with nutrients and tantalising your tastebuds!

Our Ayurvedic nutritionist, along with the doctor, will plan meals for the rest of your stay here. You will be served delicious Ayurvedic meals made by our in-house chef using locally grown ingredients along with linen, cutlery and similar amenities. The meals will be customised to your liking and will be supervised by the nutritionist throughout your stay here.


Depending on the health condition, treatment and schedule, with the approval of the doctor, you’ll be allowed to visit nearby places in Thiruvananthapuram for sightseeing. It will be strictly at the discretion of the doctor as spending too much time outside can affect your Vata and other Doshas. Otherwise, you can join the activities within the vicinities of the hospital.


Activities In the hospital

  • Every day Yoga sessions
  • Rooftop Kalari workshop
  • Kerala Sadhya experience


  • Sree Padmanabha temple and Kuthiramalika palace (8.3 km from the hospital)
  • Sree Chithra art gallery (4.8 km from the hospital)
  •  Azhimala Siva temple (28 km from the hospital)
  • Guided tour to Palode botanical garden (28.8 kms from the hospital)
  • Poovar island boat ride (33.6 km from the hospital)
  • Sunrise and breakfast at Varkala beach (50 km from the hospital)

During the excursion, outside food is not allowed. Get your lunch and water packed and carry them with you. Also, please make sure to let us know as early as possible if you’d like to visit a particular place as slots should be booked in advance.

sree padmanabhaswamy temple


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