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The entire duration from the time you conceive to pregnancy, you are building tissues and your body is developing to prepare for the baby and to provide nourishment for the baby. After delivery, it is the depletion phase, where shedding of tissues created earlier for nourishing baby happens. At this stage, you will have low nutrients in the body and low absorption. You will also lose weight, hair, glow and overall health because of Vata increase. Post delivery, you might also experience aches and pains in the body. Hence it is important to bring back vigour, vitality, immunity, strength and nourishment so that health is restored and improved.

According to Ayurveda, the postnatal period (Sutika Kala) starts just after childbirth and continues up to the next six weeks. The mother is given active postnatal care (Sutika Paricharya) during this period to help her regain her health, strength and energy as well as to prepare her to take care of herself and the baby. 

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Postnatal Care Treatment​

 Our postnatal care treatment includes ensuring adequate lactation and improving emotional health of the mother, in terms of anxiety and postpartum depression and make the mind lighter. We do this by a carefully curated diet plan to improve quality and quantity of breast milk to nourish the baby, reduce colic and gas in the babies and to reduce stress and conditions like postpartum depression. Our postnatal care treatment is based on Ayurveda’s description of Sutika Parichaya that involves Ahara (food), Vihara (regimen) and Oushadha (medicines).

Ayurvedic postnatal care treatment garbhini abhyangam


The mother is given full body massage or Abhyanga to help flush out toxins (Ama) from the body. In Abhyanga, the choice of oil is determined after careful consideration of Prakriti (nature + mind-body constitution), Dosha imbalances, condition of patient and season.


Therapeutic massage using warm poultice for pain relief and stress management. Kizhi can be of different types, depending on the content of the poultice.

  • Podikizhi – therapeutic massage using warm poultice made of herbal powder.
  • Ela Kizhi – therapeutic massage with warm poultice made of herbs and medicinal leaves.
  • Naranga Kizhi – therapeutic massage with warm poultice made of lemon and medicinal leaves.
  • Dhanyamla Kizhi – therapeutic massage with the help of Dhanyamla decoction – a specific herbal decoction. This procedure is done primarily for subsiding swelling and inflammation on body.
  • Njavara Kizhi – therapeutic massage using warm poultice made of a specific kind of medicinal rice and milk to nourish and rejuvenate the body.
postnatal care ayurvedic treatment kizhi therpy
Ayurvedic postnatal care treatment

Oushada Snanam

Herbal body bath using a combination of Ayurvedic herbs that helps rejuvenate the body and restore skin health. The bath is preceded by Abhyanga, herbal body scrub and a milk bath.

Face massage (Snehana)

Face massage using almond oils, ubtan, and other natural ingredients helps hydrate, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. It also helps your skin glow.

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ayurvedic treatment for postnatal care in trivandrum

Head massage

Head massage is done with or without oil based on your preference. The scalp of the mother is gently rubbed and tapped to enhance blood circulation and to prevent postpartum hair loss.


Application of herb and oil mixture on top of the head to help maintain the emotional health of the mother. This therapy helps ease stress, anxiety, insomnia or any other emotional changes mothers experience on childbirth.

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Ayurveda Treatment

Yoni Pichu

Gently inserting cotton swab soaked in medicated herbal oils or organic ghee in the vagina of the mother to help heal gynaecological problems. This helps strengthen tissues and muscles, reduce pain, avoid any kind of infection and enhance hygiene.

Abdominal Binding

Traditional process of carefully and tightly wrapping a long cotton cloth around the mother’s belly for five to six hours after bath. This helps ease the nervous system, align the organs disturbed during childbirth and correct the posture of the mother in general as well as while holding the baby.

abdominal binding ayurvedic postnatal care treatment
baby massage traditional ayurvedic treatment

Massaging and bathing the baby

Massaging babies ensure that they are in good health and are growing as intended. It also helps reduce the stress levels of the child and a bath post massage will ensure good sleep.

Medicated rice gruel

The mother is given rice gruel with Ayurvedic herbs that help enhance their immunity and strength postpartum.

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